Black Health Matters

Black Heath Matters is the first video-centric, multi-platform health education network produced for diverse populations.


Launched in November, 2012 Black Health Matters is a performance-based multimedia company that delivers African American and Afro-Latin patients serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer products and wellness sectors. No other company has the platform, skills and expertise required to deliver multi-channel marketing programs that are impactful and engaging.


Black Health Matters drives innovation in the multicultural marketing space with consumer contact strategies and new advertising technologies that include social and mobile media.

Black Health Matters targets Adults 35-54 and will skew 60% female and 40% male. Our platform is comprised of components, specifically designed to work together to deliver consumer engagement programs that are efficient and drive ROI:

Delivering a Culturally Compelling Health Education Experience: Black Health Matters can create exclusive custom marketing programs featuring tools to meet your campaign objective. Based on a keen understanding of African American and Afro-Latin patient insights our compelling original content touches consumers/patients in a profound way Targeted Original Video Condition Center:

  • Newsletter Sponsorships: Focus on the disease states that impact this community the most (i.e., diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDS, etc.).
  • Screening Programs: Health fairs are in the DNA of our organization. We partner with the Association of Black Cardiologists to offer programs that drive fulfillment of scripts, adherence and compliance.

Black Health Matters offers advertisers different combinations of marketing tactics and creative treatments to be applied in different contexts, depending upon the brand engagement objectives and individual consumer characteristics.