Blacks and Health Care

Factors Affecting Health Outcomes in African American Women
August 13, 2016
News of the Week – August 22nd
August 26, 2016

Blacks and Health Care

A recent study suggest that Black Americans are living longer. But as they grow old, we are not as healthy as White Americans. This is especially true for African American women.

One wonders, what factors contribute to poorer outcomes for African American women. By all methods of measure they are more aware of what contributes to healthy lifestyles than Black men. I believe it has to do with the stress that come with being the leader of the pack: having to assume responsibility in so many instances for every other members of the family. Concerned about nurturing infants, keeping children safe, worried about education, having to carve out a career in an environment that is often hostile to all women. All this leaves little time for self.

What stands out is the number of statistics that suggest that in many instances, outcomes for black women depend on how early, or more often how late, they seek help for condition which if caught early would change the game.. That needs to change…to quote Rev. Ike, a famous albeit controversial cleric, “You can’t improve the health of others, if you are not healthy yourself.”

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