The Bridge Between Sugary Drinks and Diabetes

African Americans and the Obesity Epidemic
July 26, 2016
Black Men, Poverty and Health
August 1, 2016

The Bridge Between Sugary Drinks and Diabetes

In America, it is evident that sugary drinks, especially soda, are consumed in large quantities – almost excessively. Regardless of where you go, the chances of you finding at least one vendor that sells a drink high in sugary content are extremely high. African Americans are known to have an increased susceptibility for diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, asthma, among many others. It is without a doubt that each disease positively correlates with the individuals ability to stay healthy and live longer. Though these statistics are apparent within the African-American community, many in it still have a difficult time believing that it exists and does not take any action. The thing with refined sugars is that they are highly addictive. Once the cycle of consumption has begin, it is very difficult for those individuals who consume in excess to stop. You can picture this cycle as being a drug; once on, it is very difficult to stop due to the fact that neural wirings have been established. Although diet and exercise can help, they are able to only do so much – diet is 80% of weight loss and maintaining health. Although this is true, much of this can change easily by simply adjusting your diet over time. Instead of consuming empty calories that come from sugary drinks and refined sugars, opt to eat fruits which contain natural sugar. In addition, adequate vegetable consumption will help to detoxify all the refined sugars in the even that one chooses to consume some in moderation. But within the African-American community, it is much more difficult than just telling someone to do. With a diet based around foods high in sugars and fats, diet is a lifestyle to many of these individuals; it is what they grew up knowing. These individuals need to realize what is important and prioritize health versus enjoyment. It is not hard to make simple switches in diet habits gradually. Taking one step at a time and eventually making habit of choices can insure that African-American individuals present and in the future will no longer suffer from these destructive diseases.

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